Stomp with The Stomptowners

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Stomp with The Stomptowners

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Bob Stane says about THE STOMPTOWNERS...... The Stomptowners can stomp on my stage anytime they come to Southern California.  They were a delight to work with and put on a solid show of stagecraft and music.  The crowd came up cheering when they danced and the music was excellent and well designed.  The event at The Coffee Gallery Backstage was a success both artistically and financially. The Stomptowners have a home in the Los Angeles area anytime they want my stage. You will not regret having them at your venue. You will look very wise when your audience experiences The Stomptowners.  ” - Bob Stane

— The Coffee Gallery Backstage, Altadena/Pasadena, CA.

The Stomptowners are a delightful and refreshing mix of world class musicianship, vocals and dance.” - Steve Behrens

— 67 Music

“Lots of people came, they stayed and they loved every last minute of it.”” - Bar Manager

— Boons Treasury

“Blending the aural with the visual, The Stomptowners will captivate . . . although you can sit and watch, this interactive group will at least get your toes taping, if not up and dancing along.”” - Carlee Wright

— Statesman Journal

“When you get tired of loud Rock or Blues and need a break from screeching guitars why not check out The Stomptowners for an evening of Celtic music and songs done the old fashioned way-with talent, style and tradition? It just might turn your head around.”” - John Wallace

— John Wallace ~ Owner Duff's Garage